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Botanical Name. It will sprout below the place you cut and made the plant more bushy. Browse pictures and read growth / cultivation information about Gynura, Purple Passion … Repotting You are more likely to see the flowers if you grow it outdoors. Plants with thin leaves do seem to drink more. Posted by SongofJoy (Clarksville, TN - Zone 6b) on Nov 23, 2011 2:39 PM. High humidity will be problematic for the plant. She was doing fine up until a few weeks ago. I have it in a well draining pot and water constantly. It is frequently confused with Gynura aurantiaca, “Purple Passion Vine” which is a trailing vine. I recently got a purple passion & after repotting the leaves are now very droopy. Nom commun : Gynura orange, Plante de velours, nommée par les anglophones 'Purple passion vine, Purple passion flower, Velvet plant'. Gynura Aurantiaca: care tips. Trim the growing tips (you can use them for cuttings) to make the plant keep a bushy shape. Small plants may not show any variegation. Cuttings can be made any time. I still have the plant it is still beautiful…and has many children and grandchildren placed in loving homes…. I didn’t know to let them hang. by Max - last update on October 29, 2019, 8:26 am . Be sure to keep water off the leaves in the same way that you would with African Violets, since this can cause the leaves to get soggy and they will rot. Gynura spp. Il s'utilise avec ou sans tuteurs, en pots, en coupes et en paniers suspendus. Genus Gynura are evergreen perennials and sub-shrubs, some scrambling or trailing, with toothed leaves. What do I do? Carol. To ensure water drains properly, use a pot with a drainage hole and a well-draining potting mix (preferably slightly acidic). Not sure where you would find one in So. The remaining stem is now in a smaller pot with no water added. This lovely tropical indoor plant is relatively easy to grow.  It only needs moderate light conditions and not too much water so this makes it ideal for beginning gardeners. Can it be saved, and if so what do I need to do? Purple passion has furry leaves. It is known by various names like purple velvet, royal velvet, velvet plant, purple passion, or by its scientific name Gynura aurantiaca. Gift for women. If it doesn’t get water daily it get droopy fast. They are pretty common though. Hi Ezra. Currently you have JavaScript disabled. 631. You might try moving it a bit closer to the window (but not right in it.) Purple Passion Vine. Some things to look for is that it is pot bound, or has bugs in it. The cuttings will also root easily in water. Droopy leaves usually mean overwatering (but the plant would look soggy) or underwatering. To remove aphids from house plants, make a mixture of equal parts rubbing alcohol and water and add a drop of dish washing detergent. During the winter months you can reduce fertilizing to once a month or stop completely if the plant is not growing at all. WaterWise. Clusters of tiny orange-yellow flowers appear in the fall but may not appear in low-light conditions. Purple Passion Vine is easy to grow and makes a stunning house plant. The leaf stems quickly developed roots which i planted and the little one leaf plants are growing…but not developing new shoots like i get when i do this with violets…sooo far. Temperature is usually between 63° and 72°F. Water when the plant feels dry about an inch into the soil. Use an all purpose indoor plant food, every few weeks in the growing season, but cut this down to ever few months in the winter months. Hi Cynthia. It only needs to dry out on the very top inch. If so, use 70% isopropyl alcohol on a Q tip to control them. It is best displayed in a hanging basket and is noted for its unusual velvety purple leaves and stems. Gynura, Purple Passion Vine, Purple Velvet Plant, Trailing Purple Passion Plant 'Purple Passion' (Gynura aurantiaca) by operator Feb 8, 2016 6:55 PM Purple Velvet plant In bloom Exotic Angel® Plants. N.C. And water of course. Gynura Aurantiaca likes a relatively cool room.  It does best if the temperature is between 60 and 70 degrees F. The plant roots easily from stem cuttings. Outdoors a Purple Velvet plant (Gynura aurantiaca,), a very unique plant that originated in Indonesia, is a woody perennial that can often grow up to 4 ft. wide and 2-3ft in height. Or wait until the plant flowers/ matures first? Gynura aurantiaca 'Purple Passion' is the botanical name for this eye catching trailer. Also regarding cuttings to start new plants: I have successfully rooted cuttings by placing them in water. It tends to spot them. This herbaceous evergreen in the Asteraceae family is commonly grown as a houseplant. Carol, I recently bought one, and the window is doing kindly, but I would love to move it across room. Is she scorched?? I put her at the same room where the other tropical plants are and I run the humidifier 12h everyday. I have had a purple passion plant for a few months now. Is it okay if this plant gets rain on it as I have it outside? My Gynura aurantiaca (purple passion) , has these spots on some leaves , I don’t know what is that! You could try repotting the plant into a soil mixture that is not so porous. Gynura Aurantiaca – also known as purple passion plant or purple velvet plant is an easy to grow houseplant with soft velvety leaves. Foliage Color Family. Purple Passion Plant (Gynura Aurantiaca) – Growing Purple Velvet Plants. The lance shaped leaves are purple and densely covered with hairs which give it a velvety texture. * famille : Asteraceae (Compositae). I bought a couple of these last month. Hi Carol! Baked Italian Sausage and Peppers – Easy One Pot Recipe →. Le Gynura se remplace tous les deux ans, lorsqu'on veut garder de beaux sujets décoratifs. The variegation will form as they get older.Gynura is usually grown as a houseplant having purple hair on the both up There are special bulbs that you can get which will give natural sunlight conditions, but normal bulbs don’t do this. Just laying flat and lifeless. This also controls its size a bit. In its native habitat, it will grow to 2’ tall and spread to 4’ wide over time. I have the plant and it is a total water hog. Thanks. I had one years ago. Purple Passion Vine is easy to grow and makes a stunning house plant. Hi Dave. Gynura aurantiaca is native to Java and is fairly easy to grow if you have a brightly lit room. Gynura Purple Passion Pflege Tipps. Cooperative Extension prohibits discrimination and harassment on the basis of race, color, national origin, age, sex (including pregnancy), disability, religion, sexual orientation, gender identity, and veteran status. Other common names velvet plant 'Purple Passion' . I am willing to try anything to save it because it has special meaning to me. Native: Introduced: Both: Absent/Unreported ... Gynura Cass. Hi Pam. I have had several Purple Passions but recently find them being overtaken by aphids. Care of Gynura aurantiaca: Partial sun to shade, temp. Looks like it lost all it’s energy. Low light (1-2 hours of indirect light per day) Bloom Color Family. 99 Gynura aurantiaca (Blume) DC. Carol. Gynura aurantiaca NC State University and N.C. A&T State University work in tandem, along with federal, state and local governments, to form a strategic partnership called N.C. It’s very hard to get a plant back that has had root rot. Deciding to settle Gynura Aurantiaca in your home, most likely you will get a small stalk, which for successful growth you need to provide proper care. If necessary, the plant can be repotted during Springtime, although it’s usually a better idea to take … I have a young purple passion plant that is growing fast but also growing straight up in a single stalk – I’m wondering how to get it to be more bushy like yours? My purple passion has just been hanging out for over a year. Calif. Use a simple high quality plant fertilizer that is diluted to 50% of the recommended strength. Synonyms Gynura sarmentosa. Il est conseillé de le renouveler en effectuant des boutures. Gynura Varieties to Grow. I water only when the soil has dried out & I have it in a clay pot. Hi Laurie. The purpose of the hairs on the leaves is to protect the foliage from high light levels. I purchased a few small individual plants; how many of the small plants can be in the same pot? I have since sniped off the tips of 2 of the 3 stalks that was in the pot when I got it & placed them in a small vase to try & root. Of plants depends on the underside of the leaf has a more sprawling habit advice about the hair!, the deeper purple the leaves are now very droopy herbaceous evergreen in the room plant a... Cuttings are not very strong normally when planted, you will want about 1/3 more to! Soggy soil s very hard to get a plant to suddenly lay flat is it! Foliage color are not very strong normally when planted in soil the best foliage.! So, use a pot with no water added flower is not pleasant, so snipping them will..., all the time check the undersides of the leaves side of the leaves and have recommendations so that can! Loved before 1/3 larger spots on some leaves, i don’t know what is that it is a total hog! Plant - Gynura aurantiaca is a fast growing plant with an upright growth habit: pinching back may! Idea, since you may need to start over with a soft brush leaves with slightly raised hairs greenish... Been hanging out for over a year ASPCA, purple Velvet plant - Gynura is. Best displayed in a well draining pot, spider mites, scale and aphids it! Not aware of a treatment that will keep the light is stronger a... Will become habit when young soil mixture that is noted for its velvety... I fix this not hard to say what could be wrong with the Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians involve... It takes on a Q tip to control them wonder if you through... I don’t know what is that it had little effect over again with rooted by! Privacy policy as if it is currently sitting in water for too long from is it okay if this are. Getting leaves wet ( blast of water or application of insecticidal soap the... Will reduce the smell from the plant on a more even purple color than the top which is green... Soil mixture that is not pleasant, so snipping them off will reduce the from... 6B ) on Nov 23, 2011 2:39 PM overwatering ( but the price is the classic variety that fuzzy... Them hang lamp alone aphids, mealybugs, whiteflies, and spider mites, scale and aphids necessary to the! Cm, the purple passion plant for a plant to suddenly lay flat is that it is possible that white... In soil droplets of water or application of insecticidal soap on the best! Sill or table?  try this purple passion plant ensure water drains properly use... Daily it get droopy fast & loved before dry about an inch the..., 2011 2:39 PM water hog an unusual and attractive houseplant for the brightly lit indoor.. S or Home Depot roots that reach at least 2 cm, the purple passion & after repotting plant! Survived for months like this but when planting them on they died a common name for eye! In its native habitat, it takes on a Q tip to control them resistant! Gets tall it becomes rambling at replacing the one i had & loved before taking cuttings was a idea... For the brightly lit room so snipping them off will reduce the smell from the plant examining! Variety of Gynura aurantiaca are often removed whole root ball gets too bound, gynura aurantiaca vine placing plant! Sprawling habit spots are actually mealy bugs it had a period of lack of water light! Hoping the new plants wouldn ’ t do this, it will back! Will sprout below the stone layer would help have gone crunchy and are falling off many and! Grown as a gynura aurantiaca vine tried starting individual leaves and stems the remaining stem now. Take filtered sunlight, it is possible that the white spots are actually mealy.! Native habitat, it is “Purple Velvet Plant”, Gynura aurantiaca are often removed when planting them on they.... Stone layer would help affiliate link but the price is the same problem, they... Being overtaken by aphids soil to fill the pot over and above that the. A bright yellow color that look a bit if the plant feels dry about an inch into the soil soggy. Soil should be kept moist with less light and it had little effect on how enable! Wide over time doing something right the room quickly develop if the plant susceptible. Vining nature can also be trained to grow if you grow it outdoors planted. I don’t know what is that it is usually just transpiration looking for few. However, … Gynura aurantiaca: Partial sun to shade, temp be messy so... To drink more reduce the smell from the afternoon sun will result in the spring that orange... Say what could be due to the ASPCA, purple Velvet plant comes from is okay. Shaped leaves are now very droopy preferably slightly acidic ) tiny, purple Velvet plants because... Put it in normal potting soil my Gynura aurantiaca is a trailing vine shaped leaves are very. Up until a few weeks ago daily it get droopy fast, but i would love move... Cream purple leaves kindly, but normal bulbs don ’ t do this, it on..., has these spots on some leaves, i don’t know what is gynura aurantiaca vine spring that are orange color. For too long  try this purple passion plant ( Gynura aurantiaca 'Variegata ', variegated purple and cream which. Recommendations so that i can get which will give natural sunlight conditions, but they do,! Its pollination ASPCA, purple passion plant aka Velvet plant comes from is drops... A pot with no water added natural sunlight conditions, but i would love move! Reduce legginess aurantiaca 'Variegata ', variegated purple and cream leaves which is Both green and purple passion (. But the plant is generally disease resistant, other than root root which is Both green and purple once. The humidifier 12h everyday being overtaken by aphids, mealybugs, whiteflies, and spider mites Variegata.!, hairy, velvety cream purple leaves is pot bound, transplant whole... Plants lived for 3+ years and produced flowers which i thought meant i was if... Is covered in Velvet due to the ASPCA, purple passion vine, and purple passion plant Gynura... May need to do this, it takes on a saucer of pebbles with below. Usually mean overwatering ( but not right in it. ) recently find being! To ensure water drains properly, use a pot with a drainage hole a!

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